Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Simon says she's a sly one

On Saturday evening I was getting ThingOne dry and into her pyjamas after her bath. This can sometimes be a fraught time, with the girls tired and their parents tired too. I entertained ThingOne with a new game.

"Do you know how to play Simon Says?" I asked ThingOne?
She'll enjoy this, I thought. I explained the rules to her once, but knew the best way to teach it to her was to play it.

I began: "Simon says put your hand on your tummy".
She complied.
"Simon says put your hands on your head".
Again, she followed my (or Simon's) orders.
"Simon says put your hands on your shoulders.".
She obeys again. Now I'll catch her out.
"Put your hands on your ears."
She remained with her hands on her cheeks, and her expression slowly changed from one of innocence to one of extreme cheekiness. Could she really have understood the game first time?
"Simon says put your hands on your bum."
Hands on bum.
"Simon says nod your head."
Head nodded.
"Simon says shake your head."
Head shook.
"Stick out your tongue."
Nothing. Nothing but an even more cheeky expression.

I was flabberghasted. Surely I could outwit a three (nearly four) year old at Simon Says. "Are you sure you've never played this before ThingOne?" I asked.

"We play it at nursery Daddy. I was tricking you."

I was shocked. I don't think she's ever shown such concious deception and trickery before. I think we may be in trouble here.

I'll teach her to play Risk next. Surely I can win at that?

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