Sunday, May 03, 2009

She walks among us

Relative to ThingOne, ThingTwo has been slow to start walking. I may have mentioned this. She's been cruising around furniture for ages, can stand unaided well, but other than a step or two here or there has much preferred to crawl. I suppose given how fast she can crawl this is understandably her preferred method of getting from A to B.

It seems she's sick of Anne's and my constant shouting of "Why can't you be more like your sister? She was walking at one!" and has decided walking is where it's at. It's interesting (to us) that at 11 1/2 months ThingOne was doing similar but in a much more unstable way. ThingTwo's first attempts are a few months later but a lot more assured. (I should think so too!)

ThingOne's a little envious of the attention, so we're trying to be mindful of her feelings. She's talken to walking between Anne and me and expecting praise for doing it. She puts on a look of extreme concentration as she does it. Anne and I praise her a lot. It's lucky she doesn't really get sarcasm yet.

Here's a short video of either:
- ThingTwo's parents lovingly encouraging her to walk; or
- ThingTwo's parents bullying her and teasing her in order to force her to walk.

And just for fun, here's a short vid of ThingTwo playing by our back doors this evening. The last bit where she leans against the window using just her face is something she's picked up and seems to enjoy.

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