Sunday, November 18, 2007

Falling asleep at the table

ThingOne was up pretty early this morning, yet at about the time we'd normally take her for a nap she demanded a snack. She'd been ravenous all morning and eating anything we threw at her. We gave her a bit of cake for a snack but she wanted more, so we gave her a banana. As she got to the end of the banana she started 'zoning out' a bit. Soon her eyes started to close a bit. Rather than whisk her off to bed I got my camera out, like any decent parent would. Here's two minutes of ThingOne trying and failing to stay awake at the table. She seems to be fairly drunk.

I'd thought it might be considered rather cruel and unusual to upload the video to YouTube (not that that's ever stopped me before) but in the "related videos" section I found this video of an older kid trying desperately to eat a brownie whilst falling asleep. Worth watching all three minutes of this video, I promise.

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