Saturday, January 13, 2007

Party girl

We had a party for ThingOne yesterday afternoon, along with two other babies who turned one this week. (Are one year olds still babies?) We hired a church hall, and a load of mums with babies turned up for some food, frantic play and surprisingly few tears.

It's interesting for me to see ThingOne amoung other babies, and to see what Anne gets up to in the week (parties, food and drink by the look of it). It's also good to see what other babies of ThingOne's age are doing. We tend to like to think ThingOne is very advanced but of course what different babies can do at one varies wildly. ThingOne's lack of hair makes her look very much like a baby still, whereas other one year olds are looking like little boys and girls.

ThingOne was a bit grotty (teething? we always say that) but I think she enjoyed herself, that is assuming enjoyment can be measured in the number of breadsticks she ate.

I'm giving Picasa web albums a try, as they look pretty good, so click on the photo below to go to the album. There's a good slideshow option. There are far too many photos on here, so don't feel you have to look at them, especially if you don't know the people in the photos!

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