Sunday, October 01, 2006


See that new thing over there. On the left. Above the "Recent posts". That's our Geocaching Stats Bar.

Oh yes, we are now geocachers. This involved running around the countryside looking for hidden treasure. You get a box, fill it with bits of treasure (toy cars, highlighter pens etc), hide it and note the GPS co-ordinates. Then you register it on and other people can go and find it. There are over 310,000 geocaches to find around the world. One of which we have hidden! When you find the box, you can take a bit of treasure and swap it for something you've brought with you. Then it's back to the website to brag about your find.

It's great fun and also involves buying a diggy GPS thingy. Stephen is very excited about the possibility of a new gadget. We feel this is an ideal hobby to do with ThingOne. Kids like looking for hidden treasure, right? Well, we do...

And there she is. Finding her fifth cache. Clever girl.

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