Monday, January 30, 2006

Extreme potty training

My stepmum was telling me about these (crazy) women who potty train their babies from birth. Apparently they spend their whole time looking for little clues that their baby is about to wee or poo and then shove them on a potty dead quick, despite the fact that these poor children can't even hold their own heads up yet.

Well, the little clue that ThingOne is about to wee or poo, is the fact that I have taken her nappy off, cleaned her bottom and am just bending down for a clean nappy. At this point she decides to wee and/or poo all over the changing mat, her vest and her babygro, necessitating a full change of clothing (bear in mind ThingOne thinks having a new vest put on is some form of torture). She has done this SIX times since Friday. She did it at 6am and 9am this morning. Frankly, I'm buying her a potty and I shall balance her on it until she has finished her evacuations. Dirty Bean.

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